• Overview

What is Park Your Pet?

Park Your Pet is all about benefitting both dog owners and councils. As a community-based platform, we aim to protect, educate and connect. In doing so this will provide a space for councils and dog lovers to communicate in one place. Park Your Pet offers information around dog and pet regulations, as well as informative articles and upcoming local events. Park Your Pet was created to minimise pound submissions and park enquiries by the community, resulting in reducing costs and valuable time for councils. It also provides education around dog regulations and allows pet owners and councils to interact with one another digitally.

Our Story

Born out of a dream to unite dog lovers on a digital platform, Park Your Pet was created to assist dog owners while supporting councils at the same time. In 2016, Red Herring Digital joined up with the City of Greater Geelong when they realised there was a better way for councils to communicate with their local community. Jaarvis Lab jumped on board to help the app go further, and now Park Your Pet is brought to you through expert collaboration and a humble love of dogs. We’re all about community and aim to foster education and a digital connection between pet owners and councils.

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